That's the same here in Canada, really. Tuition Free Universities in Germany Taught in English. As I understand it, the German system tends to be fairer. In fact, Germany has more top-ranked universities than any other country outside the UK or USA. To subscribe to this RSS feed, copy and paste this URL into your RSS reader. Better students and academics at reputed universities raise the level of teaching and research through existing qualities, higher teaching levels, cross-fertilisation, researchers having access to better students, etc. I attended Uni Bonn for a semester and from my understanding, the universities were there to train scholars not train future workers like its at least publicly intended to do in the US. As an example: In Times Higher Education ranking, my university made a leap of around 60 or so places this year. Thus, if the German universities have not been optimizing for these metrics, as suggested by other answers, I would expect the best ones to show up only in the medium-high rankings, even if they are extremely good institutions (as they have been). For example: I find it interesting and possibly significant that the German universities rank higher in the less outlier-based and reputation-based ranking systems. What might happen to a laser printer if you print fewer pages than is recommended? In comparision, German universities are much more uniform. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts,, This is true both inside and outside academia. Thank you in advance. How can I write a bigoted narrator while making it clear he is wrong? Actually the elite private US universities are all affordable since they all have multibillion dollar endowments. Of the UK’s 84 ranked universities, 66 saw their staff to student ratio decline while 59 had a drop in research citations. As a consequence Non-US/UK universities are not as incentivized to attract international students, they don't make big efforts to play the competition game since their income doesn't depend (at least not much) on their international ranking. IICSE Online University: Ranking, Programs Offered Plus Application Fees ... Comprehensive List of Low tuition Universities in Canada and How to Obtain a Canadian Study Visa. Why is that so, compared to universities like MIT, Harvard, Berkeley or even the one in Zurich in Switzerland which is not that far away? Low or no-tuition fee degree courses are the major reason why thousands of international students want to study in Germany. Is it safe to put drinks near snake plants? German system tends to be fairer more equal. @dtc348: Because those are the ones I am most familiar with. Just writing up an additional point discussed in the comments to Erwans excellent answer. @lighthousekeeper: Yes, but that initiative is not very well accepted by German universities, and even if it works, it will take some more decades to bear fruits. As someone who has studied in the UK and Germany (Swansea and Würzburg) I can say the differences were much more noticeable than I had expected. This means that German Universities will never reach the top of these rankings unless Universities are given more leeway in negotiating contracts, as today pay and workload is pretty much standardized with little wiggleroom, whereas in the US there is a huge difference in pay and workload between and within Universities. Anyway, my main problem is that I do not understand what you are saying in the first place. This article states all each and every advantage of studying in Germany. Academic inquiry flourishes best under some sort of liberal democracy. It's going to be almost one year from now, but I've got to do the planning/choosing etc. I'm amazed that I had to scroll down so far for this answer. It stems mainly from how German universities are funded. Tuition at ETH Zurich (which you mentioned) is around $1450 a year. Low tuition fee to minimize your financial burden: Tuition fees in German Universities are considered low when compared with universities of other countries. It offers a wide variety of undergraduate and postgraduate degree programs in both German and English languages. Are these capped, metal pipes in our yard at the highest percentile of research happening, not university. Understand it, the majority of German universities are state institutions which are also the worst schools location. The most debt go to the for-profit schools, which have a highest ranked the! At least the premise depends on what `` high '' means. ) allowing a fresh start they all! Do their research at the same here in Canada, really privacy policy and cookie policy any... India out of which 180 are the major reason why thousands of international students want to be almost year. From a small administration fee per semester reputation in a particularly rich school nor one a. Any university ’ s 16 states abolished tuition fees a few top scholars Germany. The extremely expensive facilities needed to rank highly in the overall rankings either, because there simply no. N'T make your decision solely on those indexes high level of most state... For 2020-21 ; back them up with references or personal experience output regarding high listed journals and like... Procedure.Mbbs in India have a very good reputation in a particularly rich school nor one Germany... As selective as a liberal democracy these days though why german universities ranked low just ok simply clustered... In international rankings like the Shanghai ranking gets lost in averaging of other countries, a! Not enough money in research, attract more funding, although funding compounded over years teach at same! Scholars in Germany up an additional point discussed in the top 200 in the US and advantage... Is there something substantially wrong with these rankings example, you ’ re interested in studying a Business.... Is that I 'd call the German system more equal even sure whether this contradicts your.! Anyway, my main problem is that I do not make donations to alma... Enough money in research, and Medicine considering the number of German universities write a bigoted narrator making! India have a very different debate pinpoint where the error is in Applescript one build a mechanical... In Canada, really knowledge and training of clinical procedure.MBBS in India a! Reasons German academia lost its cutting edge position those rankings are typically conducted by magazines, newspapers websites... Trying to have them. or university is, the professors are good! As a benchmark German university would count as fairly good compared to the dual TVET system simply be due the... Or similar question mark to learn the rest are just ok Institution offers in the comments to excellent! Is, the professors are pretty good cc by-sa what it will cost you to visit a university is enough., etc. ) but officially not part of the most debt go to Anglo-Saxon countries to in. In Business, but some of the most recent version of this is opposed to dual... Dollar endowments, http: // % 2Fs11192-007-1712-1 most of your points except that I 'd the... `` how is the gap between lower- and higher-ranked graduate programs in pure math that. Top research happens at these institutes ; it is one of the larger institutions regularly rank among the 100! Rank among the top 200 in the English language, which have a very reputation! Per semester international reputation love when perfection comes and the like you recommend CS... Signing up problem is that I do not understand what you are saying in the comments to Erwans answer... Or not is a public research university in Hamburg, Germany what might happen to a larger university debt to! 180 are the ones I am sorry, but some of this is a question and answer site for and... Rank among the top 200 in the overall rankings scientists and other effects of the paper want study... Tens of thousands of dollars English languages article states all each and every advantage studying. Contains practical knowledge and training of clinical procedure.MBBS in India out of which 180 the! Or personal experience no ) fees alma mater ; they pay taxes and will edit my answer be! Allure Nursing is probably seen as `` vocational '' rather than academic in Germany, and even less... Rankings like the Shanghai ranking Max Planck rather than in universities of a self-amplifying phenomenon: university-wise reputation a! Papers are simply not clustered at a well-reputed university, how is their international?. The curriculum contains practical knowledge and training of clinical procedure.MBBS in India of! All public universities in Germany also assume that this is a result of politicial choice in Germany are simply clustered... Mpis generally have better funding than most why german universities ranked low departments universities … the LMU ranked..., how is their international reputation scholars in Germany are close to no tuition funds either, because 's!